Low-maintenance succulents can add a modern charm to your windows. If you agree to this statement, take inspiration from these Succulent Windowsill Ideas.

Succulents are a modern plant that can grow without the need for care, and have all of the light they want to thrive. There are a number ofSucculent Windowsill ideas you can use.

Succulent Windowsill Ideas

1. Succulent Row on a Windowsill

Grow different types of succulents in a row for a colorful looking windowsill.

2. Succulents and Cacti in a Box

A small box of cacti and succulents with pebbles will look simply awesome!

3. Mini Wooden Table

A small planter of succulent on a mini wooden table will look great with curtains.

4. Pair them With Colorful Pots

The dark and light green fleshy leaves of succulents match really well with different colored pots.

5. Pillow and Succulents

A dark-colored pillow with a tray of succulents will look amazing on any windowsill.

6. Jade by a Tall Window

Compact and dense jade will look right at home by a sunny tall windowsill.

7. Mini Wooden Window Box

Small succulents are going to look more beautiful in a wooden box. You can also use fake ones.

8. Succulent in Ceramic Planter

A shiny and patterned ceramic planter will level up to the look of succulents on a windowsill.

9. Tea and Coffee Cups!

Both tea and coffee cups serve as great planters for succulents on a small window.

10. Shallow White Dish

For smaller windows, a shallow white dish will be perfect for growing multiple succulents.

11. A Tin Can!

A cute little succulent will look more beautiful in a matching small tin can!

12. A Gorgeous Wooden Pot

Patterned foliage of the zebra plant will complement a wooden planter perfectly.

13. Matching Pots

Light and dark green hues of succulents in bright green pots are a sight to behold!

14. The Three Stooges!

Three same or different types of succulents will look great on any windowsill.

15. The Color Train!

For a beautiful look, consider planting your Succulent in line on the windowsill with different pots of colors.

16. Charming Christmas Cactus

The magnificent blooms of Christmas cactus can make any windowsill pretty!

17. Cute Little Planters

Colorful succulents in matching cute planters are great for compact windows.

18. Kalanchoe in a Beautiful Green Planter

Small red flowers of kalanchoe will pair just right with a beautiful green planter.

19. A Group of Cacti and Succulents

If you have a big windowsill, you can group different cacti and succulents together in earthen pots.

20. Window Steel Box

A window steel box is a classy way to grow succulents of your choice.

21. Lithops in Pots

Growing colorful lithops would be a great idea in mini pots on a sunny windowsill!

22. Mini Succulents with Variegated Plants

Add variegated plants on a wooden table right below a windowsill full of mini succulents!

23. Cactus and Succulents

Good planters are made with mason jars. Plants can be grown on a windowsill.

24. Succulents on a Kitchen Window

These mini plants can decorate a sunny kitchen window and will add a colorful appeal to the kitchen!

25. Jade in Different Pots

The Jade plant can be grown and maintained. The best display is put in different pots on the windowsill.

26. Display them in White Planters!

Enhance the beauty of colorful succulents by displaying them in contrasting white pots!

27. On Coasters and Plant Stand

Coasters and plant stand will make the succulents look smart on a windowsill!

28. Lush Green Delight!

A very small green plant stand that’s on a windowsill is the perfect place to put a Succulent!

29. Different Shades of Greens!

Pair succulents with light or lemon green foliage plants to give them a contrasting look!

30. Succulents on Brass Plate in Green Pots

A brass plate on a windowsill will make the succulents in green pots stand out!

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