What are the first things you think of when I mention Australia? If we were to go by stereotypes alone, odds are that you might have thought along the lines of poisonous wildlife, koalas, kangaroos, boisterous yet friendly locals, god-tier surfing, delicious barbeques and all-around having a great time at the beach. Australia is more than just what we see in the movies, TV shows and news; it’s also a place where you can get to know your culture. A lot of magic is found in the language.

Australians take some wonderful linguistic liberties when they speak English, but even so their colorful phrases and fun expressions are as impressive. Readingaro has traveled around the world to share with everyone how non-Australians reacted when they found out about some interesting Aussie facts. Cultural quirks that we like best? You bet! Some of these phrases are only on the internet having fun and taking mickey.

You can up vote your favorite tweets, and tell us which made you the most happy. I think it is truly, deeply ingenious to call astronauts ‘Austronauts’ instead of saying fairy floss.

How does a language develop on its own in different places, and how can we become more aware of fun linguistic tendencies in our native tongues?

She told Readingaro that geography is a significant factor in language change, noting it’s always changing. Lisa is the William Allen White Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Kansas. Click here for the full interview.
































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