Check out some beautiful Pictures of Houseplants on Kitchen Windowsill to have an idea of how you can grow them with style!

Pictures of Houseplants on Kitchen Windowsill help you add greenery to your kitchen window.

Pictures of Houseplants on Kitchen Windowsill


Have an unlimited fresh supply of your favorite herbs by growing them on a sunny windowsill.

1. Potted Herbs by the Kitchen Sink

2. Herbs in Glass

3. Herbs in Wooden Box

4. Edible Garden on a Windowsill

5. Different Herbs in Different Pots!

6. Mini Herb Pot by a Kitchen Window

7. Herbs with Other Plants on the Window with Candle


Plants add color to the kitchen windows. If you have a bright windowsill, the options will be endless.

8. Cut Flowers on Windowsill

9. Potted Flowers on a Window

10. Beautiful Pink Flower in White Pot

11. Flowers by the Kitchen Sink

12. Modern Kitchen with Flowers on the Window

Edible Plants

Grow edible plants and enjoy a fresh harvest right at your kitchen window!

13. Potted Lemon Plant

14. Tomato Plants on a Kitchen Windowsill


Trailing plants add a bit of drama and greenery to a kitchen windowsill and fill up space nicely.

15. Large Kitchen Window with Vines and Other Plants

16. Vines in Hanging Baskets

17. Pothos with Spider and Other Plants

18. Trailing Succulent in a Metal Planter


Houseplants bring a dash of greenery and appeal to an empty kitchen windowsill.

19. Plants in Tin Bucket

20. Stubby Plant in a Ceramic Pot

21. Mini Garden on a Windowsill

22. Wheatgrass with Other Plants

23. Lush Plant on an Urban Kitchen Window

24. Hanging Plants Over the Kitchen Counter

25. Plants in Jute Pots


Easy to grow succulents are great for a dry and sunny kitchen windowsill!

26. Succulents and Other Plants

27. Succulents in Wooden Planter

28. Colorful Succulents in Cute Small Pots

29. In Clay Planters

30. Succulents in Mini Pots Inside a Wooden Stand

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