As Gardeners are always trying to keep their plants free from weeds, these Homemade Weed Killer Ideas will keep your yard as pretty as a picture.

Control of weeds can hamper plant growth in your garden. These Weed Killer ideas can be used to kill them. The ideas are more organic than the chemicals ones so will be less effective.


Homemade Weed Killer Ideas

1. Borax

Many of you may not know that clothes cleaning agent is also an effective weed killer. With just a sprinkle of the powder, you can make sure that weeds are gone for good.

Note: Using a sprayer for a uniform application is highly recommended.

2. Landscape Fabric

If your garden is overrun with weeds, it’s advisable to use a landscape fabric. It will make sure they don’t come back.

3. Cornmeal Gluten

Corn meal might be an easy way to remove weeds from the seeds. However, you have to remember that it only works on the weed-inducing seeds and not fully grown ones.

4. Boiling Water

This is the most straightforward method on this list. When the kettle is boiling, pour it over whatever plants are present. The boiling water will work if you need to apply 3-6 applications.

5. Vinegar

If you’re sick of seeing the affected areas around plants and garden, use some balsamic vinaigrette on them. It is a great idea to use it early morning and when there isn’t much wind.

Note: Vinegar’s killing properties enhance significantly in the sun.

6. Mulching

Weeds are an excellent way to spread mulch is also a good idea. There is a way to cover the planting areas with mulch. The sun rays won’t reach the seeds, as it will form a protective layers.

7. Newspapers

Yes, you read that. Old newspapers can be placed in the garden. The sun will not be able to reach the seeds of weeds if there is a covering on the soil. Do make sure you are properly wetting the soil.

8. Herbicidal Soap

You can make your own soap to kill weeds. You can mix equal parts of the three things. Use a spray bottle to get the mixture off of the affected areas.

The mixture will kill the entire vicinity of the plant, so be careful around your prized ones.

9. Clove Oil

Clove essential oil is one of the most effective ways to take care of weeds. If you want to keep the clove oil aromatic, fill a spray bottle with water, shake well and take it out at night as sunlight will hamper its efficiency.

10. Using Hands

The old technique is to resort when everything fails. Pulling the weeds out with hands using gardening gloves is a potent way to take care of them. You can loosen its roots with gardening tools.

11. Rubbing Alcohol

It’s all you need to get rid of the weeds in your garden. You just need two spoons of water in 400 ml and spray it. Alcohol wipes out the weeds from their environment.

12. Rock Salt

Get rid of the weed by sprinkling rock salt on it. There’s also table salt that you can use. It is more efficient in the area where your lawnmower won’t reach.

13. Cardboard

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to get rid of weeds is by covering them with cardboards, which act as mulch in your garden too.

14. Torching them Out

A propane torch is a great idea to destroy weeds in the garden. Make sure you use it only with care, because burning out other plants is not the right way to go.

15. Lemon Juice

Fresh lemon juice will kill the weeds and prevent new growth. It can damage good plants as well.

16. Cayenne Pepper

The cayenne pepper can be used to repel weeds. Add the soap and cayenne pepper to 500ml of water, in a spray bottle. You have the weed-killer that is ready.

Do make sure you are not spraying this solution accidentally on your garden plants.

17. Bleach

Even though bleach can be used to clear out weeds from the driveway and pathways, it is a bad idea in the garden because of its effect on pH levels. It’s a good idea to add bleach and spray on weeds in water.

18. Fresh Lime Juice

Lime juice and vinegar are combined in 3:1 ratios. The solution is effective for killing weeds outside. Put the two ingredients in a spray bottle.

19. Vodka

Old plain vodka can be used to kill weeds. If you want to spray on the weeds, fill a bottle with oldvodka.

Avoid spraying the solution on the entire lawn as it can damage the plants and grass.

20. Straw

Straws can stop the growth of vegetation in your garden. The straw will help keep the weeds away. Water can reach the roots easily if you don’t leave too much space in the straw layer nearby plants.

21. Lawn Edging

It makes a strong physical barrier to repel weeds, and is quite long lasting. A cheap and easy way to prevent the growth of weeds is when you build a continuous edge with deck boards.

22. Dawn Dish Soap, Vinegar, and Epsom Salt

Involve 2 cups of salt, 1 cup dawn dish detergent and a gallon or more white Balsamic. Put all the ingredients in a spray bottle, then use on weeds at your garden when it is warm.

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