Tired of using the same old pots for your plants? Try these amazing DIY Ikea Pot Hacks and showcase your green friends in style!

We have a lot of Ikea pot hacks that will add interest to your room.

DIY Ikea Pot Hacks

1. IKEA Plant Drawers

The mini drawers in brown are great for plants. It is possible to check out this BLOG for more details.

2. IKEA Rug Planter

A long wire metal basket and a rug are all you need to make an planter. Click here to read more about it.

3. IKEA Plant Pot with Gold Makeover

Here’s how you can completely transform the look of an IKEA pot by spraying it with a gold spray.

4. Modern Indoor Planter

There is an IKEA Planter, a paint and patterning tape for the project.

5. Seagrass Hanging Planters

The grass baskets from ikea can be used for planters. Use bin liners or pond lining, scissors and a piece of string to complete this project.

6. Plant Wall in a Bathroom

Ikea has a great option to make plant walls in the bathroom. If you want to learn about all the details, check out this site.

7. IKEA Mandel Pot Covered with Tissue Paper!

Cover IKEA Mandel plant pots in colorful tissue paper to transform their look completely!

8. IKEA Tradig Fruit Bowl

You just need the bowl, coconut shell liner and plants to make this work.

9. IKEA Socker Hack

Watch this video to transform the look of an IKEA socker pot completely!

10. Bamboo IKEA Box Planter

This affordable and great hack is done using the help of an IKEA VARIERA box. Details are here.

11. Planter Using Two IKEA Bowls

Make a raised planter from a couple of IKEA bowls that would make a great table centerpiece.

12. DIY Mid Century Stand Planter

Here are all the details you need to make a DIY Mid Century Stand Planter using IKEA pots.

13. Succulent Planter Box

The Dragan bamboo boxes can be used for planters. You can grow colorful ones using them. The details are here.

14. IKEA Plant Stand

Watch this video to learn how easily you can use a wooden stool from IKEA as a great plant stand!

15. Patio Garden

The Ikea socker pots are one of the things that this is a great project to do.

16. Customized Plant Pot

The look of a plant pot can be changed with the help of foil. Here is the details.

17. Colorful Indoor Herb Garden

This project can be completed with the following items: Ikea socker plant pot, spray paint in your choice of colors and a handy supply of herbs.

18. IKEA Faux Hanging Planter

This planter is made from Tin plant pots and some faux plants. Here the details are.

19. Copper-Galvanized Planter Pots

Here’s an awesome DIY to change the look of IKEA socker galvanized planter pots!

20. DIY Totem Planter

You only need bowls from ikea, a flat paintbrush with porcelain glue and waterproof sealant to complete this easy project.

21. Ikea Memo Board Made into an Indoor Plant Trellis

Memo boards of Ikea can be transformed into indoor plant trellises, explore more about this here.

22. Ikea Lack Table Hack

An Ikea lack table can be used as a hanging garden. The self-help is here to stay.

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