Here are some Unique Ways to Use Ladders to Display Houseplants! Use them to display trailing and other plants in the rooms with style!

Have you stopped using the same old ways to display plants? There are ways to use ladders to display greenery.

Unique Ways to Use Ladders to Display Houseplants

1. Plants in Mason Jars on a Hanging Ladder

Line up mason jars filled with water and plants on a wall in order to display it

2. Suspend Ladder to Hang Pots

A ladder dangling from the ceiling and hanging pots. Plants like Ferns and Snake will look stunning this way.

3. A Blue Ladder

If you have a small room, then there are plants in different pots on the ladder.

4. Two Leaning Wooden Ladders

Two leaning wooden ladders on a wall is all you need to have a corner jungle of potted plants.

5. Hanging Ladder by a Window

Hang a mini wooden ladder by a window to display plants.

6. Ladder for Macrame Planters

Lacy Macrame Planters with plants will look amazing hanging from a wooden ladder.

7. Narrow and Broad Side Ladder for Plants

The green plants on and around the wooden ladder add a contrast to it.

8. Hanging Ladder for Ferns

A hanging ladder, right above the kitchen countertop, will be a great way to display hanging ferns!

9. Wooden Ladder with Small Metal Hoops to Hang Pots

A wooden ladder is a great tool to hang pots with the hoop using a macrame.

10. Wooden Ladder Suspended By Hooks

All you need is a wooden ladder suspended by hooks in a room to hang plants of your choice on it.

11. Ladder in a Bathroom!

This is a great way to grow plants in a small bathroom when you are short on space.

12. For Cacti and Succulents

A long ladder will give you plenty of space to display cacti and succulents in small pots.

13. Ladder in the Corner with Potted and Hanging Plants

An indoor jungle like this will be incomplete without a ladder and hanging plants!

14. Ladder in the Corner

A corner ladder is a good way to hang pots of plants with chains.

15. Ladder with Hanging Metal Wire Boxes

Use a ladder to hang metal wire boxes to showcase trailing plants in a cool way!

16. Pothos on a Ladder

Trailing lush pothos vine on a wooden ladder will be a sight to behold in any room.

17. Ladder on Wall to Display Herbs and Other Plants

18. Metal Ladder for Plants

A mini metal ladder is all you need to display your favorite plants in a small room.

19. Hanging Dark Wooden Ladder

A dark wooden ladder will add a perfect backdrop for vining plants growing in hanging vases.

20. Long Ladder

Long ladder on a wide wall is a perfect way to use the space to display several pots in style!

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