If you have a big garden then use the space wisely with the help of these Front Yard Water Feature Ideas! They will surely add a lot of appeal to your home!

We have easy to make front yard water features that will help you use the extra space in a more practical way.

Front Yard Water Feature Ideas

1. Disappearing Water Fountain

A fountain that goes by without the open pond gives you a sound and spray. It can have a pretty cool effect. Here are the details.

2. Water Jug Water Feature

The only things you need for this one are the galvanized watering cans, a large tub and a water pump.

3. Wine Barrel and Bottle Fountain

A wine barrel or a bottle of your preferred vintage can be used to create either the backyard centerpiece or patio focal point. Click here for a description.

4. Copper Rain Chain

Here’s a hanging water feature that will surely look smashing in your front yard!

5. Concrete Fountain

If you want to carve a waterfall out of stone, use basic power and hand tools. The technique is very simple. This is where the details are.

6. Bamboo Fountain

Great for small spaces, this mini water feature is a must-have for a patio!

7. Outdoor Water Wall Privacy Screen

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a water feature privacy screen for your garden.

8. Stone Bowl Water Feature

All you need are two large stone bowls and a water pump to make this rustic water feature.

9. Stone Waterfall Garden Fountain

Your neighbors won’t believe you built this beautiful backyard water feature yourself. There are details here.

10. Spanish Water Feature

A mini pond with a water feature around cement rocks are great ways to add appeal to the landscape.

11. Pipe Water Feature

A water feature on the wall with a mini pool at the bottom is great for small and large gardens.

12. Copper Bowl Water Feature

All you need is a big copper bowl and a water pump for this mini water feature.

13. Stone Water Fountain

The stone fountain is small enough to fit in a pocket and adds something fantastic.

14. Bespoke Water Feature

The modern house extension features a water feature design that integrates with corten steel.

15. Water Wall

It is one of the best designs to add that wow factor to your garden!

16. Stone Blocks Water Feature

This water feature adds a vintage vibe to the yard and is also easy on the pocket.

17. Tiered Water Feature

This tiered water feature is perfect for small gardens or corners.

18. Hanging Pot with Chain Water Feature

A hanging pot suspended from a chain is an attractive water feature for the garden.

19. Rock Garden with Fountain

This mini rock garden with a fountain in the middle will add a serene look to the garden.

20. A Pond Waterfall

Here’s an amazing blog that will guide you into making a beautiful waterfall with a mini pond.

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