Check out some clever Balcony Gardens that “Teach Grow More in Less Space!” They’ll give you some great ideas to grow plants in a limited space.

We’ve included 20 balcony gardens that teach how to grow vegetables in less space. Use these ideas to grow more plants.

Balcony Gardens that Teach Grow More in Less Space

1. Using Vertical Space to Grow Plants

2. Pots on a Ladder

3. Railing Planters

4. Bench with Pot Holder & Tree that Supports it

6. Plants Behind the Couch and Wooden Sections

7. Flowers in Galvanized Containers

8. Plants in Wooden Crates and Shelf

9. Cement Planters

10. Hanging Baskets with Railing Planters

11. Pots on Side and in Shelf

12. Railing Planters with Tall Corner Pots

13. Cement Planters in the Corner

14. Hanging Pots

16. Salads in a Small Space

17. Vines on Wooden Trellis

18. Different Sized Pots for Plants

19. Wooden Section at the Corner to Hang / Display Plants

20. Black Balcony Wall to Hang Tin Planters

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