Pumpkin carving is what you make of it. It’s a fun (family) activity that helps you get into the Halloween spirit and is a great way to express your creativity, too.

The best thing about it is the freedom: you can go for something playful like your favorite meme, or a scary zombie, it’s all up to you.

To give you a better idea of what’s possible, we at Readingaro compiled a list of our favorite jack-o’-lanterns. Enjoy!


#1 I Carved A Pumpkin

#2 Luigi’s Mansion Pumpkin

#3 My Friend Is Awesome At Carving Pumpkins

#4 My Husband’s Pumpkin Carving

#5 Someone Got The Pumpkins Right

#6 My Wife Won Her Office Pumpkin Decorating Contest After 5 Years Of Disappointment

#7 My Friend Carves The Best Pumpkins, Half Of My Halloween Excitement Is Waiting To See What He’s Come Up With, Here Is This Year’s

#8 Just Finished Decorating Our Annual Scary Pumpkin

#9 I Just Finished My Pumpkin Carving. “The Mad Titan, Thanos”

#10 My Sister Carved A Pumpkin Again

#11 My Pumpkin Carving This Year

#12 The Perfect Jack O’Lantern Doesn’t Exist…

#13 Darling, It Will Be Bold. Dramatic

#14 Smashing Pumpkins

#15 So My Friend Won A Pumpkin Carving Contest With This

#16 My Pumpkin Scares The Hell Out Of Me

#17 My 16-Year-Old Niece’s Halloween Pumpkin Carving

#18 My 2014 Pumpkins: Harry vs. Voldemort

#19 I Carved The Scariest Pumpkin I Could Imagine

#20 Is My Rick And Morty Pumpkin Worthy Of Your Praise?

#21 My Pumpkins For Halloween This Year

#22 Proud Of My Submission For The Office Pumpkin Decorating Contest Today

#23 My Aunt Had A Pumpkin Contest At Work. Safe To Say She Won

#24 I Carved It From Pumpkins

#25 Gandalf vs. Balrog Pumpkin Carving “You Shall Not Paaaasss”

#26 My Wife’s Contribution For The Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

#27 I Work In An Animation Studio With Some Of The Best Artists I’ve Ever Met And This Is The Pumpkin That Won Our Carving Contest Yesterday

#28 My Little Sister’s First Attempt At Pumpkin Carving. Her Talent Makes Me Sick Sometimes

#29 I’ve Outdone Myself This Year

#30 No One Even Notice My Pumpkin Last Night

#31 We Made This For A Pumpkin Decorating Contest At Work

#32 Unbelievable Viking Pumpkin

#33 I Present The Trumpkin, 16 Hours, 56lbs, Three Pumpkins

#34 Second Attempt At Pumpkin Carving

#35 Entry For My Work’s Pumpkin Decorating Contest

#36 My Jack O’Lantern Turned Out Pretty Good

#37 Tonight, I Carved A Pumpkin. I Also Doused It In Lighter Fluid And Lit It On Fire

#38 I Carved A Dog-O-Lantern

#39 I Carved This For Halloween. Expecto Pumpkin

#40 This Welding Pumpkin

#41 Peter Peter The Pumpkin Eater

#42 Pumpkin Carving Success

#43 I Carved My First Pumpkin. His Name Is Murphy And I’m Obsessed With Him

#44 My Friend Just Posted This Pumpkin Carving On Facebook

#45 One Of The Cooler Pumpkins Carvings I’ve Seen

#46 Finished My 2017 Halloween Pumpkin

#47 It’s Pumpkin Carving Season

#48 I Carved A Pumpkin To Sum Up 2020

#49 Anglerfish Pumpkin

#50 We Still Have This Small Pumpkin My Wife Carved 3 Years Ago

#51 For My Birthday, I Wanted To Show You Guys My Pumpkin

#52 A Few Cool Pumpkins From A Carving Contest In My Community

#53 The Rosetta Stone Carved Into A Pumpkin

#54 Am I Spooky Yet?

#55 These Handmade Pumpkin Carvings

#56 Halloween Pumpkin Carving

#57 Pumpktris

#58 One Of The Scariest Pumpkins I’ve Seen Yet

#59 When You Don’t Know What To Carve – Star Wars

#60 Six Hours Later, My First Try At Surface Carving A Pumpkin

#61 My Work Friend Carved This In Our Annual Work Pumpkin Carving Contest, It Was His First Pumpkin And It Took Him 10 Hours

#62 My Girlfriend Made This “Demogourdgon” Pumpkin For The Office Pumpkin Contest And Won 1st Place

#63 These “Up” Pumpkins

#64 Johnny Depp Pumpkin

#65 The Second Time Carving Maleficent. This Time The Angelina Jolie Version

#66 It’s Friday Tomorrow Witches. Took Me Forever To Carve This

#67 My Brothers Yearly Pumpkin

#68 Pumpkin Graveyard

#69 My 2020 Pumpkin Carving, “Pennywise… The Dancing Clown!”

#70 A Pumpkin Carved Into A Pumpkin

#71 “Predator” – A Carving On A Tremendous 257 Kg Pumpkin

#72 The Collector

#73 When You Putin A Lot Of Effort Into Carving

#74 Pumpkin Carving Went Plus Ultra This Year

#75 This Pumpkin Gave Me Nightmares Last Night And I Made The Damn Thing

#76 My Wife’s First Attempt At Painting Pumpkins. They Came Out Ok

#77 My First Pumpkin Of The Year. Wednesday Addams Giving Some Epic Side-Eye

#78 My Attempt At Fulfilling My Daughter’s Request For An Anglerfish Pumpkin

#79 Really Surprised How Well My Pumpkin Carving Turned Out

#80 My Girlfriend’s Submission For The Office Pumpkin Carving Contest

#81 BF Carved A Galaxy Pumpkin

#82 I Think I’ve Found My Calling. Here’s Pumpkin Attempt #3

#83 “And Then He Greeted Death As An Old Friend, And Went With Him Gladly, And, Equals, They Departed This Life.” The Tale Of The Three Brothers, Both Pumpkins Together

#84 My Girlfriend Had A Pumpkin Carving Contest At Work

#85 My Buddy’s Jack O’Lantern This Year

#86 I Call This “Here Comes The Sloth”

#87 Minion Lovers, This Should Officially Be The Best Jack O’Lantern Ever

#88 I Stepped Up My Pumpkin Sculpting Game With A Bigger Pumpkin Today

#89 The Pumpkin My Dad Submitted To His Office Pumpkin Contest A Couple Years Ago

#90 If You Pick Your Pumpkins Right, They Turn Into Shrunken Heads In The Las Vegas Heat. Ready For October

#91 Happy Halloween. Charon Pumpkin Carving

#92 That’s No Moon

#93 My First Time Carving A Pumpkin In Years. Love The End Result

#94 Blazing Pumpkins

#95 My Pumpkin Carving Might Be Recognizable To Some Of You

#96 My Girlfriend Entered A Pumpkin Contest. Win Or Lose, I Say She Nailed It

#97 I Made A “The Thing” Pumpkin. It Only Took An Unreasonable Amount Of Time

#98 I Carved A BB8 Pumpkin. This Is Him Now

#99 My Contribution To The Keene Pumpkin Festival

#100 The Scariest Idea I Could Think Of For A Spooky Pumpkin

#101 So It Turns Out That Leaving A Jack O’Lantern Next To A Tree Where Squirrels Can Eat Away Its Face Results In The Most Terrifying Pumpkin Ever

#102 It’s Not Much, But I’m Kinda Proud Of My Bob’s Burgers Jack O’Lanterns

#103 Graveyard Pumpkin Diorama

#104 A Bit Better With The Lights On

#105 Pumpkins That Were Grown In A Mould

#106 Very Proud Of My Pumpkin This Year

#107 First Time Carving A Pumpkin & I’m 22. Dropped The Little Pumpkin But The Crack Makes It Better

#108 I Carved Geralt Onto A Pumpkin This Year

#109 My GF Carved This Last Night. Don’t Think A Lot Of People Will Recognize It But I’m Sure It’ll Be Appreciated Here

#110 I Carved This Pumking. What Do Yall Think?

#111 My First Pumpkin Carving. A Tiger Jack O’Lantern

#112 Expecto Pumptronus. A Harry Potter-Themed Jack O’Lantern

#113 Kills 99.9% Of Hopes And Dreams

#114 First Pumpkin Of The Year And He Unintentionally Ended Up Looking A Bit Like Mike Wachowski From “Monsters, Inc.”

#115 Big Green Keg Pumpkin DIY

#116 My Minion Pumpkin

#117 My Friend’s Dad Is A Dentist. This Is His Pumpkin For Halloween

#118 Since Everybody Else Is Doing One

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