Here are some easy-to-make Mini Greenhouse projects and ideas that you can try in your garden! These are also helpful for apartment dwellers!

This post was made for those of you who love gardening and also want a greenhouse but have little space. Nothing will prevent you from growing your desired items in unfavorable conditions. Those who live in the city are more likely to use these ideas.

Easy Mini Greenhouse Ideas

1. CD Case Greenhouse

Do you recycle? This greenhouse can be made from old CD cases. It is very simple to make.

3. Turn Window into Greenhouse

Turn your window into a mini-greenhouse by changing it to glass. Here are the details.

4. Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

This mini greenhouse is economical and simple to make and the best way to recycle plastic bottles.

5. Pallet Greenhouse

You can try this with a patio or rooftop garden. The greenhouse requires only boxes. You can see how to make it here.

6. Recycled Container Greenhouse

That’s a better way to reuse the containers than make a mini greenhouse. The details are here.

7. CD Spindle Case Greenhouse

A mini greenhouse is something that anyone can make, and it’s one of the most straightforward ways to create one. Read more about it here.

8. Hothouse from Old Windows

Are you thinking of changing the doors and windows in your hothouse? This is where you can learn to make this.

9. Mason Jar Greenhouse

Another creative idea, which is ideal for the germination of plants. Learn more about it here.

10. Small Greenhouse Made From Old Windows

Use old windows to make a mini greenhouse for growing plants. Here are the details.

11. Umbrella Mini Greenhouse

No greenhouse? No problem! By making this umbrella mini-greenhouse you can get started growing greens early in the year.

12. Cold Frames Greenhouse

A cold frame is a box with some sort of cover. It is a passive solar energy collector. We have the details here.

13. Cold Frame Using an Old Window

Clear plastic is better for the window or lid. Plants can grow inside if the glass or plastic is used to harness winter sun heat. Here is the details.

14. Super Cheap Hoop House

This is a great make up on how to put plants in. It is easy to make and takes very little space.

15. Mini Plastic Greenhouse

In this video, you’ll learn how to make a greenhouse using plastic containers.

16. Mini Greenhouse Under $25!

The mini greenhouse has warm, humid conditions for certain plants and animals. There is a video here.

17. Mini Greenhouse for Your Deck or Patio

The mini greenhouse is great for small outdoor spaces. It only takes a few feet to build.

18. Ikea Greenhouse

If you’re much into DIYs, you can buy Ikea SOCKER greenhouse. It is perfect for small space gardens.

19. PVC Greenhouse

The most functional greenhouse is made from recycled materials. It is easy to arrange and versatile since it’s made of PVC pipes, which are easy on the wallet.

The building of your mini greenhouse can be made by using the measurements you took for it and joining together the pipes with L and T joints. The basic structure can be covered with plastic sheeting after completion. Put tape or super glue where it is needed.

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