Show some creativity by following the Intelligent Tips to Vine Trailing Houseplants on Walls and transform the look of your room completely!

Plants can be grown in the best use of space if you live in an apartment. We have some very clever tricks to vine trailing house plants on walls that will help you maximize your space.

Intelligent Tips to Vine Trailing Houseplants on Walls

1. Use Nails to Vine Houseplants on Wall

Plant vines on the wall with small nails. The leaves will have nails in them. You can easily trail the heart-leaf philodendron or pothos vines.

2. Indoor Trellis, Twine, or Wires

Climbing vines adds style to a boring wall with the affordable, easy way of adding Trellis. Now follow this and build your own piece of architecture.

3. Wall Clips & Command Hooks

vine houseplants on walls are a lot of different ways to grow vines.

You can save on drilling holes in the wall by using small command hooks or WALL clips.

4. Trailing Plant Wall Hanger

The trailing stems must be trained to grow upward without coming in the way. Here is where you can find the do it yourself.

5. Floating Shelves For Vining Plants

You can build floating shelves with magnetic hooks or stymies and avoid touching the wall.

6. Pegboards

If you want a quick fix for any dull looking wall, use pegs.

7. On a Plant Stand and Wooden Stool

It’s easy to make plants like pothos and philodendron vines around a wooden stool. It will take little space.

8. Hanging Plant Wall

Use curtain rings and macrame cords to hang planters on a wall. The vines will be successful on the twig.

9. Trailing Plants in Pentagon Hanging Boxes

A great option for trailing plants is hanging pentagon boxes on the wall. The style of decor has dangling vines.

10. Wooden Frames for Vining Plants

Install small wooden frames on walls and display mini pots carrying trailing plants on the wall.

11. Wall Vase Planter

Ring planters are an idea to mount trailing plants on the wall and you can use plastic or wooden rings.

12. Pallet Wall Planter

A wooden pallet planter on the wall can be used to show trailing vines. The jars need to be hung with a display light.

13. Vines in Metal Hangers

The metal plant hangers on the walls show Neon, Silver and silver pothos.

14. Wooden Branches on Wall

Plant pothos and philodendron on the wooden branches that are hung on the wall.

15. Plants on Steel Mesh

Steel mesh is cheap and can be great to hang pots where the plants will have all the room to vine!

16. Use Ropes

Plants like pothos are trained by using rope over the window or behind a bed. You can use wooden supports.

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