Discover the names of Best Red Tropical Plants for Growing Indoors & Outdoors to add a pop of a scarlet hue to your surrounding!

Here is a list of the best red tropical plants for growing indoors or outdoors. Some are popular for their red foliage, while others are valued the most.

Best Red Tropical Plants for Growing Indoors & Outdoors

1. Croton

Botanical Name: Croton

A variety of red and different shades are displayed by the plant, Croton. The plant needs 3-4 hours of sun for that pop of colors.

2. Bromeliads

Botanical Name: Bromeliaceae

It could be one of the easiest to grow plants. It can live outdoors as well in containers.

3. Caribbean Copper Plant

Botanical Name: Euphorbia cotinifolia

The plant is very good for a sunny windowsill or an outdoor summer balcony.

4. Copperleaf Plant

Botanical Name: Acalypha wilkesiana

The plant has red-colored foliage. It likes full sunlight, but can tolerate some shade. The leaves have differing colors of red, salmon and copper.

5. Red Leaf Heliconia

Botanical Name: Heliconia indica ‘Rubra’

One of the best types of Red Tropical Plants is also called blood banana. There are red veins in the leaves and stems.

6. Cordyline

Botanical Name: Cordyline

The foliage of cordyline is beautiful and synonymous with tropical beauty. The plant has a wide range of colors.

7. Bloodleaf Iresine

Botanical Name: Iresine

Beefsteak Plant has a red leaf and is most popular. It does well indoors and outdoors, it needs minimal care.

8. Coleus

Botanical Name: Coleus

Coleus is famous for its foliage. Some varieties have bright colors while others do not.

9. Joseph’s Coat

Botanical Name: Alternanthera

The plant has a bright red color. The shade is very bright, and it shines through in the sunlight.

10. Coast Cottonwood

Botanical Name: Hibiscus tiliaceus

Also known as tricolor hibiscus, this huge tropical shrub has maroon-red foliage. The leaves are bright red when they’re young but then turn maroon as time goes by.

11. Poinsettia

Botanical Name: Euphorbia pulcherrima

The small blooms are covered in leaves that look like flaming red-colored petals. You have to grow this one in your yard for sure!

12. Ethiopian Banana

Botanical Name: Ensete ventricosum

The red banana is a great centerpiece for any garden. This plant has beautiful foliage.

13. Polka Dot Plant

Botanical Name: Hypoestes phyllostachya

There is a plant with red-maroon leaves. It is best to grow it indoors because of the bright indirect light.

14. Madagascar Dragon Tree

Botanical Name: Dracaena marginata ‘Tricolor’

The plant looks green and will gift you with red foliage if it gets a good sun exposure. It is a bad idea to keep it in the sun for long.

15. Red Hook Sedge

Botanical Name: Uncinia rubra

This red ornamental grass has rich colors and should be included in your plant collection. The plant is colorful and showy.

16. Red Latan Palm

Botanical Name: Latania lontaroides

If you want a colorful tropical look in your garden, this palm is the best. It must be grown in a location where it gets 3-4 hours of sun for its deep red color.

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