Halloween is around the corner, so it’s a good time to get into that spooky mood. A concerned reader might ask what happened. Helen Morgun is here. It is possible that the illustrator has something you could use to feel Halloween vibes. We came up with a list of celebrities which she draws as villains in her celebrity tributes over the last many years. We hope it will be a great Halloween costume. Enjoy!

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#1 Lady Gaga As Ursula

#2 Tom Hiddleston As Hades

#3 Anne Hathaway As Bad Witch

#4 Melissa McCarthy As Queen Of Hearts

#5 Helena Bonham Carter As Yzma

#6 Rami Malek As Jafar

#7 Maisie Williams As Coraline

#8 Eva Green As Maleficent

#9 Lena Heady As Evil Queen

#10 Anya Taylor-Joy As Corpse Bride

#11 Lucy Hale As Mavis Dracula

#12 Megan Fox As Vanessa (Ursula’s Human Form)

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