Everything is relative. For example, Shaq might not look tall when he’s on camera next to other basketball players and Simone Biles might not seem short when you see her competing against other gymnasts but put them near each other and you’ll instantly get an idea of their size.

So to broaden your understanding of the world, we at Readingaro put together a new list of interesting comparison pictures from all sorts of different areas, including nature, technology, and social issues. It’s a series we’ve been working on for a while too; if you like scrolling through these images, fire up our earlier publications here, here, and here. Maybe you missed some!


#1 Just Retired After 42 Years As An Obstetrical Nurse, At The Same Hospital. Here I Am At The Start (1979) And End Of My Career

#2 Men’s Beach-Handball Teams Uniform vs. The Women’s Uniform

#3 This Art Completes Me

#4 Inherited A Painting A Few Years Ago, Randomly Came Across The Building In The Painting While On A Trip

#5 I Drew Her, She Drew Me

#6 Saw The Left Picture On My Google Photos And Was Feeling Proud Of Myself. 1.5 Years Post Open-Heart Surgery

#7 This Is The Size Of A Tree They’re Cutting Down In Canada Compared To A Human. This Is Why People Are Getting Upset

#8 Effects Of Light Pollution: How The Stars Look On A Typical Night Versus A Widespread Power Outage

#9 Turning Vitiligo Into An Art

#10 How 2021 Started vs. How It’s Going

#11 Fifteen Years Later, Still Best Friends

#12 My 1977 Triumph Spitfire Next To A Couple Of Fords On 44’s

#13 Cubic Window During Different Times Of Day

#14 Real Estate Agent’s Response To Vandalism

#15 Daughter’s Science Experiment. The Plants Hear Her Voice Recorded On A Loop. The One On The Far Left Hears Mean Comments, The One On The Far Right Hears Loving Comments

#16 S21 Ultra In My Wife’s Jeans vs. My 18-Month-Old Son’s Joggers

#17 My Mom And My Sister 2000/2021

#18 Before And After Cleft Lip Surgery

#19 This Is My Feral Friend Sad Boy, Showing Off How Good He Looks After A Few Months Of Love And Care

#20 This Tiny Banana I Harvested Today. Hand For Scale

#21 A Year Ago I Was Depressed And Suicidal. Today Things Have Gotten Better

#22 I’m Being Overcharged By Insurance After My Daughter Was Born. This Is The Pile Of Mail I Have To Go Through To Prove They’re Ripping Me Off. Pear For Scale

#23 Wednesday Is Not Good At Pictures. More Photogenic Cat For Comparison

#24 This Massive Bald Eagle Feather I Found

#25 2019 vs. 2021

#26 Women’s USA Basketball Team vs. El Salvador

#27 What Sunscreen Looks Like Through A UV Camera

#28 Two Scientists Created The “Sea-Thru” Algorithm That Alters Underwater Photos To Show What The Colors “Really” Look Like

#29 Altenburg, Germany. Before And After The Ongoing Severe Flooding Due To Excessive Rain

#30 Found Band-Aids For Different Skin Tones At Target

#31 My Little Guy Turned 1 This Week

#32 Size Difference In Olympians Doesn’t Matter, Depending On What Sport You Do? Volleyball Player vs. Gymnast

#33 One Of These Is A Twig, The Other Is A Moth Larva

#34 One Is Not Like The Others. Can You Guess Which Is The Weird One?

#35 An Ice Cream Shop I Visited

#36 Today Is Lithuanian Statehood Day Aka Mindaugas Coronation Day, So Lithuanian Army Decided To Share This

#37 The Many Colors Of Lake Superior

#38 20 Years Ago Today, My Wife And I Met In A Waterslide Line. Here’s Us The Night We Met And Us Now

#39 My Brother’s Dog, Ricky, Before And After Adoption

#40 Shaq Standing Next To Simone Biles

#41 Sunlight Reflecting Through Different Lengths Of Aluminum

#42 The Cables I Need To Charge Three Devices Made By The Same Company

#43 My City Decided It Didn’t Want These Trees Anymore

#44 One Year Since My Wife Brought A Flea Ridden, Tiny Baby Back To Life With A Blood Transfusion

#45 14 Years Later

#46 My Wife Said He Wouldn’t Get That Big, But He Got Big

#47 I Came Across These Theropod Tracks While Fly Fishing In Leander, Texas. Foot For Scale

#48 This Giant Dandelion I Found On My Walk Today. Hand For Scale

#49 I Inherited My Grandma’s Sewing Supplies And As I Was Putting Them Away Realized I Bought The Exact Same Buttons That She Did Over 35 Years Ago For Me

#50 My Mum Towering Over Her Classmates Circa 1974. She’s 11 Or 12 Here And She’s Even Taller Than The Teacher

#51 Women’s Clothing Sizes Are Nonsense. Both Size 32

#52 After Growing My Hair Out For Nearly 3 Years, I Finally Decided To Cut And Donate It This Month

#53 10 Oz Of Each – Gold, Platinum, Copper, Zinc, Tin And Aluminum

#54 My First iPhone, 4s. And What’s Inside Of It

#55 Inseparable

#56 The Shadows Of Glasses Are Different Based On The Prescriptions For Each Glass

#57 Those Thorns Compared To A Hand

#58 A Colorblind Friend Annoyingly Put The Orange Umbrella Inside The Green Cover. I’ve Used An App To Simulate His Vision. Left Is Normal, Right – Colorblind

#59 The Font Size On My Contact Packaging Increased With My Prescription

#60 My GF And My Nephew Have A Very Similar Birthmark Despite They Aren’t Related At All

#61 One Of These Chess Pieces Is Different From The Others

#62 Teeny Paw. Hand For Scale

#63 11 Weeks And 11 Years And Both Very Cute

#64 1935 vs. 2021

#65 My Son And I Have Matching Freckles In The Same Spot

#66 This Window Filters Out The Exact Wavelength Of Light That My Gloves Reflect

#67 I Remade This Picture Of My Grandma From 1945 For My Dad For Father’s Day. I Didn’t Realize How Much I Looked Like Her

#68 Side By Side Of My Grandfather At His Wedding And Myself

#69 When I Went To Switzerland And Happened To Look Exactly Like This Random Wood Statue

#70 I Found A Cyclops Moth And It Was Huge. Bigger Than Half My Hand

#71 One Sign, To Find Them All

#72 Those Are Octopus Eggs. Mother Is Underneath Guarding Them. Human Hand For Scale

#73 Two Teams Of Builders Building A Bike Lane “On The Right Hand Side” (Mariupol, Ukraine). Here’s A Comparison Of Their Work

#74 Technology Is Incredible

#75 The Left Is Me, Circa 2014. Kim Kardashian On The Right, 2021. Who Wore It Better?

#76 A Massive Earthworm Was Found In Queensland, Australia. Hand For Scale

#77 One Half Of This Tree Survived The Canadian Winter, The Other Did Not

#78 One Of The Eggs I Bought Was All Wrinkly. Here It Is Compared To Normal Eggs

#79 Coworkers Who Do This To My Dry Erase Markers

#80 My Chicken Laid An Egg-Less Shell And A Shell-Less Egg In The Same Morning. Both Were Perfectly Intact

#81 I Took Some Aspirin When I Was Tired. It Was Really Late At Night. I Realized An Hour Later That What I Took Was Not Aspirin

#82 What You See. And What Is Really Happening

#83 My Brother’s Pigeon, 1 Week Old vs. Now (6 Months)

#84 6 Foot Snake Gourd Next To A Human

#85 The Cutlet I Bought Has The Shape Of Australia

#86 This Giant Lobster Claw. Hand For Scale

#87 I Stumbled Across This Car That’s Painted Half Black And Half White

#88 My Wife And I Had Plane Snacks That Matched Our Books On Our Way To Our Honeymoon

#89 Yes I Am Taller Than The Door

#90 Shoe That Is On The Longboard vs. The Shoe That Does All The Pushing

#91 One Is Chocolate, One Is For The Dishwasher

#92 British Passport Before And After Leaving The EU

#93 A Scan Of My Normal Eye vs. My Blind Eye

#94 A Rock I Got From The Antarctic Circle (Left) And One From The Arctic Circle (Right)

#95 Gas Station Toilet Paper About The Width Of An iPod Shuffle. Hand For Scale

#96 What A Difference 4 Months Makes

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